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Martha Rathore 



Geoffrey Hogan

Excellent treatment with immediate effect would certainly recommend him to anyone with back pain.

Miss Jean Taylor 


My Gp Dr H Freeman, 12 Durham Road SW20 referred me to Mr Jamooji many years ago for cervical spondilytis , a very painful trapped nerve.  After a few treatments with caution   and massage I was completely pain free and able to enjoy my job as a headteacher in a Wimbledon Primary School and able to continue playing  tennis, badminton and Scottish Country Dance and driving my peugot car.


In Nov 2010 I was given a complete new left knee by Mr Richard Field at St Anthoney's hospital North cheam and in December he said I had made a complete total recovery,  I could return to my usual active busy life when my confidence returned.


Unfortunately as my left knee was still very painful in August 2011 Mr Field said my knee was fine I needed physiotheraphy to strengthen the muscles of my left leg.

I now attend weekly treatments with Mr Jamooji for massage and

exercises to alleviate my painful knee to give me greater mobility.


Mr Jamooji is very observant and concientous informing my GP constantly of improvements and helpful suggestions.  He is very kind and caring at all times, his Clinic is very well organised by a very competent and efficient staff who are always friendly, kind and helpful.


I have recommended Mr Jamooji to my relations and many friends in Wimbledon and they have always been very pleased with the relief from pain they have since enjoyed.  

Freddie Greaves 


Brilliant treatment! My shoulder felt so much better afterwards and I had not expected such an immediate result.  I will be booking several more treatmentys with this osteopath.  He realy knows what he is doing.  I also have total confidence in him thank you Geoff.

Amelia Thandi 


Cranial Osteopathy - Mr Jamooji


Amelia is 4 months old and has been crying alot since she was born.  I was recommended to see Mr Jamooji after trying everying.  She has seen Mr Jamooji twice now and she has been a much happier baby.  I wish I came sooner as she is now relaxed and has her daytime naps.

Robert Healey 


Jonathan Orchard - Acpuncture/Journey Work July 2010-Oct 2011


I came to Jonathan about one year ago with a heart condition(Atrial Fibrillation) which was debilitating, during the episodes which I suffered, on average every three weeks.  I saw two top cardiologists who both told me I needed a heart operation (ablation) and that the problem would not go away without that.  I ignored them and instead had acpuncture and did Journey Work with Jonathan.


After about 9 months the episodes of AF ceased and at time of writing, I have not had one for over six months.  Jonathan is incredibly positive and supportive and I am forever indebted for the improvements he has made to my health and Life.

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